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Healing Cream

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Hands down our favorite Vital Therapy product.

The highest concentration of acetyl-glutathione in this cream make it a supreme anti-aging solution and all-in-one type of cream. An absolute best antioxidant cream to heal complex dry, flaky and damaged skin. We love to use it as an eye cream or as a once-a-week night cream. Try it on your lips! Apply it to stubborn areas that just don’t seem to clear up. Even our eczema and rosacea clients swear by it. Zap cold sores with just a pinch.

Traveling? Put Healing Cream at the top of your list to carry on.


Fights aging effects on the skin
Heals stubborn skin issues (cold sores, eczema, rosacea)
Eradicates many dangerous skin cells
Soothes bee stings
Brightens eye area
Works on turkey neck


Apply anytime as needed to affected areas or as directed by a medical professional.


Purified water, oils of calendula, tea tree, olive, carrot and wheat germ, chlorophyll, azurite, royal gelee, china, arnica, gingko, acetyl-glutathione, glutathione-palmitate, aloe vera, gallium, plumeria with vitamins A, D3, E and F.


Healing cream contains leading ingredients acetyl-glutathione, calendula, tea tree, olive, carrot, and wheat germ oil, vitamins A, D, E and F, among many others, to address the daily assault of toxins in and on the skin. Because of the super efficacy of this product it may also be used as ordered by a medical professional or as a great post treatment cream. Glutathione is a naturally occurring intracellular antioxidant in the body that depletes with the aging process. The acetyl-glutathione and glutathione-palmitate ingredients in this cream provide the most potent stable antioxidant properties with remarkable detoxifying, anti-aging and anti-viral effects. Calendula oil is found to be the most successful oil for assisting dry and damaged skin, skin inflammations, rashes and other skin disorders. Tea tree oil also possesses excellent anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties to remedy acne and oily skin. Olive oil assists in repairing cells and in preventing cellular damage while soothing, healing and hydrating. Carrot oil stimulates cell growth. Wheat germ oil, rich in protein and lecithin, also boasts antioxidant properties and ability to strengthen the immune system. Gingko increases circulation, prevents capillary fragility and boosts collagen formation and creates fibroblasts. Moisturizing aloe vera softens and heals the skin. We cannot say enough about this amazing product. Testimonials include recovery from pre-cancerous skin cell issues. Medical professionals use Vital Therapy’s Healing Cream an excellent treatment for numerous other medical conditions as well.


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