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Extra Gentle Cleanser


Looking for a real cleanser that is truly gentle enough for the most delicate of skin?

Our mild Extra Gentle Cleanser is just that – sensitive, aging, dry, rosacea, and/or post treatment skin all respond perfectly to this moisturizing and renewing formulation. Effectively cleanses, soothes and protects without causing tissue irritation or dryness while promoting healing in the skin. We especially love the flower petal essence.

You’ll feel refreshed and radiant!

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Cleans skin gently
Provides antibacterial environment
Protects acid mantle
Protects sensitive skin and rosacea
Soothes post-laser resurfaced skin
Maintains skin’s moisture


Dispense 2 to 3 drops of cleanser into damp hands. Rub together to create a lather. Massage over face and neck with fingertips in a circular motion. Rinse off with tepid water. Use morning and evening.


Purified water, polyglucose, methylglycine, diethanolamine, succinic acid sulfate, shea butter, cranberry extract, flower petal oils.


Super concentrated Extra Gentle Cleanser, our resting cleanser, performs perfectly on sensitive, rosacea, aging, dry and/or post treatment skin. Shea butter, a product of the Shea Karite tree, helps renew dry skin, blemishes, skin discoloration, scars, and wrinkles. With high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins A, E, and F, shea butter boasts as a rich and powerful moisturizer with healing protection. Cranberry extract restores radiance and supplies further antibacterial and antioxidant benefits.


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