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Clarifying Acne Toner


Prevent blemishes, control oil and decongesting pores too!

Clarifying Toner touts an amazing blend of glycolic acid polymers and other non-toxic acne ingredients to synergistically create a powerful anti-bacterial environment on the skin. You’ll love the additional antioxidant protection from the phenyl butyl nitrone and beta-carotene.

A true blemish prevention star!

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Purify and control oil
Reduce blemishes
Provides antioxidant protection
Soothes skin


Dilute in a small spray bottle, 50% distilled water and 50% toner concentrate. Spray onto a cotton pad and wipe over face and neck or other affected areas. Use morning or evening, once per day.

Avoid getting in eyes. If contact with eyes, flush thoroughly with cool water and if necessary seek medical attention.


Purified water, hamamelis extract, cranberry extract, linseed extract, althea extract, almond extract, glycolic acid polymer, lactic acid polymer, citric acid, beta-carotene.


Clarifying Toner controls oil, prevents breakouts and diminishes present blemishes with an array of acne fighting ingredients: potent alpha hydroxyl acid polymers of glycolic acid, citric acid and L-lactic acid plus cranberry extract. These powerful yet non-toxic acids work with astringent power to forge through impurities without over drying the skin. Althea extract, linseed extract and almond extract blend together to soothe and ease the skin. Clarifying Toner works great as an overall toner or spot treatment to control blemishes.


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