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Blueberry Scrub

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Soothing aromatic scrub to awaken your skin to younger days.

Refresh skin's texture and remove yesterday with an antioxidant packed exfoliant. The scrub also moisturizes with micro spheres made of one of the world's most wonderful gifts, jojoba oil. Gentle action from blue cornmeal make this an ideal formula for almost any skin type.

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Promotes clear skin
Resurfaces external skin
Restores skin with antioxidants
Enhances and soften skin texture
Removes excess sebum and debris
Stimulates cellular turnover


Use a small amount on a moist face, neck, or hands. Rub in a circular motion until product dries out. Rinse with warm water. Maximum use – recommended only two times per week.


Purified water, milk caprylic capric triglycerides, jojoba beads, L-lactic acid, raspberry concentrate, blueberry concentrate, blue cornmeal, hamamelis extract, xanthan gum, D-glucronic acid, vegetable glycerin, salicylic acid, jasminol, citrus seed extract.


Enjoy the amazing antioxidant benefits of blueberries and raspberries while removing unwanted dead skin cells with a blend of micro jojoba beads and blue cornmeal. This mask is like super food made perfectly for your skin. Formulated to be gentle enough for most skin types yet remain an effective exfoliant for even problem skin. When exfoliating, please use caution to not over exfoliate and cause over drying of your skin.


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