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Antioxidant Toner


Awaken your senses with all-time favorite Antioxidant Toner.

Our sublime and delicately hazelnut aromatic cellular infusing toner! Give your skin a dose of antioxidants and essential fatty acids and enjoy every minute of it. Let’s face it, Antioxidant Toner is simply yummy and yet flaunts the perfect blend to renew your skin.

We recommend including an on-the-go atomizer to spritz on a refreshing pick-me-up!

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Fights free radical damage
Promotes moisture retention
Prevents cross-linking
Softens skin


Dilute in a small spray bottle, 50% distilled water and 50% toner concentrate. Spray onto a cotton pad and wipe over face and neck or other affected areas. Use morning or evening, once per day.

Avoid getting in eyes. If contact with eyes, flush thoroughly with cool water and if necessary seek medical attention.


Purified water, hamamelis extract, phenyl butyl nitrone, beta-fructan, beta-glucosamine, amino guanidine, hazelnut extract.


Antioxidant Toner continually rises as our client’s favorite toner. Phenyl butyl nitrone (spin trap) serves the skin as the most powerful antioxidant known milligram per milligram. Beta-fructan elevates the skin’s moisture retention. Hamamelis extract, naturally derived from a hamamelis tree, provides more powerful antioxidant astringent property in its natural form than in its synthetic form. Beta-glucosamine serves as a building block to collagen and elastin while minimizing inflammation. Amino guanidine prevents cross-linking to ward off signs of aging. Hazelnut extract supplies high levels of essential fatty acids to soothe and heal dry irritated skin. Hazelnut also aids in the regeneration of cells and strengthens capillaries, tightens skin, filters sunrays, and acts as an astringent. No wonder it remains a favorite and must have.


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