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Anti-aging Lip Cream


A world’s most powerful anti-aging ingredient, VT Peptide Complex, coupled with Shea Butter fight the effects of time. Additional intense anti-aging ingredients inhibit crosslinking and strengthen cell matrix and elasticity and increase circulation in the lips without irritating while promoting skin moisture retention and providing antioxidant protection. This product comes in a 5 ml size.


Immediately improves lip texture
Restores moisture to lips
Fights fine lines and wrinkles
Repairs effects of aging
Wards off environmental and internal deterioration
Signals cells to renew


Apply to lips as needed and at bedtime. You may find less is needed than traditional lip balms.


Purified water, cetaryl alcohol, polysorbate 60, PEG 15, sucrose stearate, coco caprylate, milk caprylic triglycerides, shea butter, silicone co-polymer, beta glucosamine/amino guanidine/beta fructan complex, VT Peptide Complex, jasminol, citrus seed extract.


Protect your lips without drying waxes and recapture youthful appearance with age defying peptides. Lips need conditioners that infuse health into the tissue – not dry the tissue out – so a small amount of this cream goes a long, long way. Enjoy the anti-aging restoration on even the driest lips. Testimonials even include eczema patients discovering instant relief. Non-flavored formula.


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